Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tiny bumps appeared on nabila’s chest, slightly below her neck. Nampak macam berair but its not. That was about 6 months ago. I brush it off as I thought its just heat rashes. On her 1 year immunization jab, I queried her paed. Nothing he said, just some allergies. Agreed, I remembered when I consume chicken during confinement, Nabila dapat rashes on her face. Plus she doesnt feel itchy. So case closed.

But the rashes became visible as days go by. Consulted another paed. Same conclusion. Allergy and not even excema. They’ll go away as she grows. With 2 paed’s view, I snubbed the issue.

One fine day, brought Nabila to a GP, Klinik Idzham for diaper rashes. The doc applied some cream. Then tah kenapa, I tergerak hati nak ask the doc whether her diaper rash has something to do with her neck rashes. She said NOPE. Her neck is not rashes at all. That very day, I discovered Nabila got MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM. According to the doc, it’s a virus! What a shock! What do you expect? I brought Nabila to 2 paeditrician and both of them gave the same speech! She gave a referral for dermatologist @ skin specialist and be quick!

Before seeing the dermatologist, I did some surfing on the net. I found more disturbing articles. Most cases happened to HIV patients. Heck, I’m pretty emotionally stressed. Me and my hubby are far free from the disease and Bila herself never did any blood transfusion. Days seem like months before we’re were able to meet the dermatologist. For sure you can expect my very first question to that dermatologist. Are all confirmed patients of molluscum contagiosum are HIV?? Tuhan je laa tau my heart pumping rate. The expert just smiled and asked me not to get excited. Only adult who have these are suspected carrier of sexually transmitted disease (STD). Imagine the relief I got! Alhamdullilah. The expert said Nabila might contacted the virus at the swimming pool. Reason being, she has not gotten all immunization yet and has a mild eczema. Menyesal pun ada bringing her for swimming.

She said its not even dangerous or serious cuma tak cantik. We got 2 alternatives.. cream or laser treatment. The cream treatment takes longer which could go to about 6 months before it heals properly. The ALDARA cream which caused us about RM300 which comes in ‘cute’ sachet of 12. Well with a cream of RM300 that last 12days or another opt is laser treatment, don’t you call that SERIOUS???? Adoi, sabar je laa..She gave Fucidin for day time cream.

I was dividing one sachet for 2 days. Its been 24 days now and seen some sign of improvement but surely I got to be patient.  Weird part was that these days she tends to feel itchy and regularly scratching before that takde pun. My parents suggested we brought Nabila mandi laut. Did that and it helps! The bumps mengecut sikit. Definitely next year onwards we’ll be going to beaches regularly.  Then the net gave me some info on tea tree oil, so im experimenting with that as well.  Till then, i have to patiently wait for another 6 months time.  Heal fast sayang..

So dear parents if you have any type of disease, rashes or apa2 je laa..get more that 2 head counts opinion. PERIOD!

 If you have similar probs, you can read more at below links


  1. my god, nasha, i didn't it's this bad when you described it to me!!...kesian bila...!...give her some time and she will outgrow it.

  2. Hi, was browsing on this topic. My boy has it too. May i know to which dermatologist you went for Nabila's treatment? And how's Nabila now? Hope she's better. Appreciate if you could sms me the name of the doctor and contact no to 012-2353857. Thanks. Regards, Farah.

  3. Hi Farah,
    Hope my email helps to give u some info.


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