Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bandung Trip - Day 2 (Part 1)

My second day cuti-cuti Bandung.

Like I said breakfast was the same at Sany Rosa, but if you got bored there’s always MacD around the corner or perhaps at the Rumah Mode café. In Bandung, they eat peanut butter toast with choc rice. Not bad.

common breakfast at Sany Rosa Hotel

We’re off to Jalan Riau. The first stop was Summit. Its quite big but I didn’t like the place much. I felt the clothes were berabuk so it doesn’t look that new to me! But they do sell nice clothing so if you don’t mind, you can just grab ‘em. Opposite Summit, you can find ForMen and Terminal Tas. ForMen, as the name implies is mainly for men. A bit pricy as compared to other FOS perhaps because its’ main highlights are high-end brand such as Bally, Burberry, Versace and Gucci. You can find lots of office wear. Terminal Tas? A BIG NO NO!  Dont even think about going in, you'll be wasting your 5mins.  Totally fake item and its a 'genuine' fake item.  So obvious!!  Next walkabout was Renaritti, the place is huge. If you don’t mind the brand, you ought to check out this place for kids. They have a wide area for kids garment. Adorable items! They even have Bandung clothes for souveniors which cost around RP59,000.  I felt the lighting was dim thou' doesnt extract me much.

grabbed this whilst around Summit, Sedap!

Handbags out, Luggage murah lagi kat KL, place is nice but goods OUT

We headed to Secret. Yezzerrr! This is one of my faves! In Bandung most FOS are selling the same clothing and design, well almost the same anyway. But Rumah Mode and Secret sell slightly different type of design. Caters for modern design, Secret is the place to look for. If you always shop at Forever 21 or Topshop, dump the rest and head to this place. Plus the clothing are imported, got this info from a Bandung friend of mine.  Lotsa dresses, spaghetti straps, skirts! Plus if you buy in bulk, you even get discount card. The place is cozy and offers a beautiful garden for you to rest while you shop. Shop, stop for makan, shop, stop for toilet, shop, stop for makan and merry go round and round kekekeke.

you need to crossover the garden to get to the kids section

We had Batagor and Cendol at the garden. Delicious! Cendol dia siap ada nangka. should I describe Batagor… a mixture of kulit popiah, tauhu and cucur udang plus ditabur dengan kuah kacang. Yummy!. Cost us around RP25,000. Perhaps its cheaper at kaki lima but tak berani cuba.  Paling best makanan i had so far sampai dok teringat2.
Batagor with Cendol

Batagor before its cut

I finished 3millions at Secret. Hehehehe, rasa macam orang kaya! I think when it comes to shopping i just dont seem to have enough!  Its part of my stress-release therapy session. Shopping able to put a big wide smile on me!  Its makes me sleep sound at nite hehhee...

We had lunch at Riau Junction. Malas nak cari so in the end we all go to the food court. Wanted to try Bandung dishes but could make out what is it so we opt for western. Not bad. I had spaghetti Bolognese and hubby tried MaryLand Chicken. Not bad, the ‘TEH BOTOL’ taste exactly like the normal tea except its cold and comes in a Coke Bottle. The TEH BOTOL cost me about RP1500 which is RM0.53 mana nak dapat weiii..ayaq suma pun 30sen!! Yang best, i can't take tea.  If i take 2 glasses, i'll end up with an upset stomach but in Bandung, i took tea almost 5-6 glasses per day and my stomach stays fine.  Naik flight ke KL terus upset stomach, weird!  In Bandung, its all about tea.  Teh Tawar, Teh Manis, Teh Botol, Teh Limau bla bla..

The Riau Junction food court

The place we had our lunch,  Cubebox Box

the satisfied 'teh botol' customer

Another place we went was Sahara. Also a nice place to shop. Its one of the newest FO in town. Lots of loose blouses.

courtesy pix -
Ok people now its 2.21am i better close the curtain, i'll put in part2 of bandung day2 soon.

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