Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Start 1 2 Go

Jemput masuk to my blog..ehem ehem..
let me give speech sikit ye..well camana boleh first start blogging ye, well dah lama teringin nak blog but then i felt it was just a waste of time banyak lagi things that i could kan beside dok depan pc and typing..It was about last week when my fren Hong Hong said..lets start blogging semua orang blog and they are making INCOME online!
Somehow somewhere those lil' words pinched right thru my brain. 

Hai ni tak boleh jadi..i'm an IT programmer and yet i dont even have a blog..nasib baik i just started FB few months back ..nampak sangat bro sells things sis pun do that..dia lagi advanced..twitter tah apa2 lagi laa...but then again i dont have the time. 

Arriving home 10mins to 7 pun dah good enuff.  7pm dinner, 7.30pm shower and solat, 8pm is reading time with my cheris and the list continues...well tu semua just excuses rite..quoted from some website "Orang berjaya tak pernah beri alasan sedangkan orang yang beri alasan tak pernah berjaya"..

Well today i finally tied the "alasan" and put it in the drawer next to my pc..we'll see in the next 3 mths whether the "alasan" will starve and die or you know what laa kan..

Jadi geng, jengok2 laa blog i kasi semangat 'BLOG' sket hehehhe..appreciate your visitation to this humbly place of mine :-)

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