Monday, August 16, 2010

Abandoned Babies

Lately banyak pulak kes buang baby. I ni walau asal pun tak suka budak tapi masih pencinta haiwan jadi secara tak langsung menjadi pencinta manusia gak la. :-)

I mean for crying out loud, kalau nak buang tu, cari laa tempat yang sesuai sikit. Nak throw rubbish pun ada different places to dump plastic/glass/others. Masa kecik2 kalau pet I mati, I siap balut dengan kain/tisu before tanam. Kesian nak tanam gitu je. Nak cari tempat tanam pun cari yang elok sket, jauh dari tong sampah. Kucing pun kalau orang nak buang, siap pi cari tempat dia senang makan. And yet this is HUMAN!

Babies are simply thrown in drains, rubbish bin and even worst sewage! Sometimes I wonder why, if they don’t plan to keep the baby why take the trouble to go thru the pregnancy period. Bukan kejap, lama tu 9 months. Abort je laa after all you are planning to make a sin pun. Terpikir gak, only lately these cases happened, dulu2 takde pun I mean 6-10years back.

Could it be because we’re having so many ‘pendatang’? I remember about my cousin’s maid who got pregnant while her husband is still in Jawa. Oh yes, you all mesti keep on thinking kat mana ‘projek’ berlaku? Well go figure.

Macam2 kerajaan/media give solution. For me, I feel if we have a pet, indirectly we are fostering positive values in our kids. Rasa caring, sayang and responsible tu akan slowly evolve in them. To solely depends on pelajaran agama saja tak cukup because yang buat semuanya aware it’s a big sin.

Waiting for my Nabila to reach 5 years old, I’m planning to get a kitten for her. Now we have Maya at home. Maya dah tua, BKU @binatang kurang upaya. She’s partially blind and my daughter just adores her.

Gambah kat bawah ni a bit gruesome so those pregnant mommies, AVOID LOOKING AT IT


  1. I feel bad for the mothers yg buang anak also. Things must be really really really hard for them. disowned by family, kena kutuk etc. I think the gov. should make things easier for these mothers to get proper medical care in hospital anonymously and WITHOUT prejudice.lps tu if she choose to leave the baby, they can leave the baby at the hospital.

    Even mat saleh pun lebih berhikmah dlm handle kes buang bayi

    That's why I totally support baby hatch being setup in major cities. Bukanlah nak galakkan zina ke apa, but at least we can save some babies. God knows betapa ramai childless pasangan yg more than happy to give the baby a good life.

  2. I feel mana2 tempat yg ada provide shelter for mothers pun patut dia war warkan dalam media so that people are more aware kan.


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