Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Some people are very rude. I mean very very rude. Last 2 weeks, I was walking towards my car, about to go off. Came along this young boy who parked right behind my car. Fair enough, he was in a hurry and will take a second to buy/take things. He walked pass by me without saying a word or even a nod or some gestures to say, “sekejap ye” or “just a short while” or “I’ll be a sec only” ke something laa… instead he goes in pet store and walk around. I waited, wasn’t long about 3 minutes. He knew I was waiting, but because he didn’t make any eye connection with me, I honked. Nope he didn’t wave pun, honked again, he was busy talking to the store owner. Kerek betul mamat ni. I got fed up and just stare at the store. Then few minutes later, he came out, passed by me and walked into his car and drove off. ^#&!#!*@!*(! No manners betul. Damn RUDE!

I wonder what kind of parenting skills these days parents have. I wish and I pray hard one day that my children would not turn into this kind of creatures! Urghhhhhhhhh. Kalau budak tu baca, you the young boy in black tees and Bermuda infront of pet shop at Bukit Antarabangsa at 4.30pm on 28Aug2010, Saturday!

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