Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bandung Trip - Day 1 (Part 2)

Before I go further, let me do some promo on New SanyRosa Hotel , Bandung. Per nite is RP412,500 @RM147 for deluxe room. The best thing about this hotel is you do not need to make advanced payment or even booking fees. Just call them again 3 days before arrival to confirm. Its that hassle free. Pizza Hut and MacD 24hours are just opposite the hotel plus there's Setiabudhi mart about 3 minutes away. Then you have nearby restaurants which are within walking distance e.g. Ayam Goreng Suharti, Sari Pawon, Rumah Makan Sederhana Nasi Padang. The downside of this Hotel is that BREAKFAST is the same for every freaking day!!!! Meehon noodle, mix vege, fried rice, eggs, bread and porridge. But hey, you'll survived. Just make sure you stuffed yourself to gain enerygy for your 'shop-walk-drop' later. Here's the number incase you're interested 0062222033562. Thats if you're calling from Malaysia.  Nanti i post gambar sany rosa day time..

Right after we took 'Angkot' to Warung Makan Ma'Uneh. According to many, the food is superb! We ordered 'gurame goreng' and 'sup bontot'. It was quite funny, i thought i was going to push ' a cow's butt' down to my throat. Apparently its an ox tail! Thank god for that! Otherwise i can't imagine chewing the so called 'butt' in my mouth. Eewwww... I also tried Jus Alpukat, its avocado with a slight mix of chocolate. Pleasantly delicious but one should never take with main course especially with rice because you tend to feel full! I would give 3/5 to Warung Ma'Uneh. Its a Sunda food. Perhaps its a bit oily yet still dry for my throat.  But the OxTail Soup definitely kaw habis! Total makan cost us about RP125,900 ~ rm44.70 emm..for that dishes and price perhaps boleh dapat extra dish kalau makan kat Pandan Indah, Restoran Sinar Mesra. Well bila pi tempat orang mesti try makanan diaorang kan, baru vacation namanya.

The setting of Ma'uneh

Gurame goreng, sop bontot, jus alpukat and they come with 3 'sambal' i.e. sambal tomat @ sambal tomato, sambal cili kering and chopped onion with soy sauce

My Jus Alpukat..

Ha baca menu baik before ordering hehehe..
First round of shopping for my lil' gal


  1. Jus Alpukat tu maneeehhh gilaaa
    tapi sedap gillaaaaa!!

  2. Cam best jer nie cuti...
    Saya ada sediakan khidmat tour guide untuk bercuti kat Bandung, bole sewa homestay dengan harga sangat berpatutan juga, in case next time nak gi Bandung lagi...

    check my blog for info :)


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