Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Beauty Regime - Clinique

I memang tersangat jealous dengan anyone yang spend ‘ciput’ on their beauty regime AND they still can look awesome. I think I dah spend thousands since my teen on beauty products. Biasa laa masa muda semua nak try. From Freeman to Neutrogena to Lor’eal, MAC, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, SKII..kira apa jer ada kat counter I have tried 50% of them except direct selling product which I have yet to try. Still my face have volcanos eruptions. Ok exaggerated, more like potholes ..em make that mini patches of potholes. Like my sister in law, she used ‘Clean and Clear’ and Johnson&Johnson compact powder. Pergh murah giler and her face is smooth silky as the china doll no kidding and she’s fair so that’s an added bonus I guess.

I don’t know why whenever I wanted to change to a lower range, there’s this witty witch at the back of my head keep on telling me…”Ambik je laa MAC blusher, kalau ambik Maybelline in 3 months time dah kena buy again”, so kira punya kira macam almost the same. Seriously my Clinique Facial Wash lasted for almost 6-8 months, so for a RM78 that’s consider cheap rite if you divided by months. Whether there’s really a witty witch or me myself yang asyik tergilakan branded items. I do not know. And I do not want to know, selagi cukup duit aku belasah je laa Clinique.

Oh ya, nak share sikit. When you remove your makeup make sure you thoroughly wipe and clean your lips otherwise the lipstick stain will eventually blend with your lips making it in the long run, bluish and dark. People will think you’re a smoker!

Plus how late you come back home, wash and clean up.  My face is an evidence of late nite clubbings and sleeping with the makeup on!! Dah terlambat nak regret pun sob sob :-(

Salesgal sunway cakap "Muka you tak laa teruk sangat cuma u tak rajin jaga je.." emm...what was she trying to imply? In other words TERUK laa tu!!!!!

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