Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Online Shop - TotHaus

Did i happen to tell you that i had open an online shop?? Nope? Well now you know.
My first attempt selling things in the virtual world.  Tak rugikan try.  All this while I've been giving a big Go Go to my sis to start her online shop but me myself simply sit and watch.  She started a year ago and now she has 3 virtual shops and all are doing great.  So why not i try right? You should too.

I name the shop as TotHaus. Direct translation of a young child's home, Haus in german is a house.  Its currently located at http://tothaus.blogspot.com/

One of my dream is to open a shop selling baby clothes so i fork out a big amount of cash to invest in the shop, this could be the key marker whether my dream worth to turn into action or should it stay on as a dream kekekke...:-)

Yang bestnya bila dah open then i realise Oh my God banyaknyaa....online shops for kids and baby clothing.  What do you expect rite, sewa kedai free.  Well if you never try you will never know rite.  There's no shortcut to success....  Hope i dont need to close it down huhuhuhu..

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