Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear, Mind Your Manner at the Table!

Wow whats a table manner? If you were to goggle the term, it will come out a long list of etiquettes to be followed. Hey i'm not gonna drill down on that.  You can read it yourself.  What i'm jotting down is all about basic manner while you eat especially if you're in Malaysia!  Let's move right to the meal.

#1 Never let out a loud burppp when you finished eating.  Hormat laa sket orang lain tengah makan, its so gross to hear the growling sound from your stomach up to your throat.  And that doesn't even include the smell which you let out.  Sickening dude!

#2 Don't blow your nose while others are eating! Hello geli laa..people can imagine when they hear the sound of you snorting out contemptuously.  Hingus tu simpan je laa dulu.  Sedut balik.  If you really have to do it, excuse yourself.  

#3 If you kept a long beard, make sure whatever you eat doesnt drool down your hairy beary beard!  All those stucked on your beard will make others puke!

#4 When you used hands for eating, use the LEFT one to pick the dishes and NOT the same hand you used for eating.  Halooo dirty la, sambal belacan tercalit kat sudu, tak sanggup dude.  Potong stim.

#5 Don't flick out your 'food shit' hahahahha direct translate of?? go figure!  Tolak je laa dengan lidah.  If cili tu betul-betul confirmed terlekat kat gigi, pandai2 laa cover

#6 Don't make a duck sound when you chew!  It will become a habit and will stay there forever.  My dad reminded me when i was 7 about this and i still can remember what he said till now.  Thank god he reminded me! 

#7 Don't spit what you eat/chew on your plate! 

#8 Don't use the plate as an ashtray.  The plate will look darn dirty.

#9 If you are using hand for eating, make sure all the rice on your fingers doesn't dropped on the dishes especially when you pick on the fish.  Nampak kotor!

#10 If there are many people around the table, make sure all the dishes comes with spoon and do not pick directly using your hand.  Never drink the soup from the main bowl.  Not all loves to share.

Actually above are the manners to be followed at my table.  Item 1 and 2 will totally stop my appetite and i resigned from the table. FULL STOP.

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