Sunday, July 17, 2011

I think I better start loving my hubby more!!

Happy Birthday To Me! Yup i turned 36 yesterday, 16 July. OMG cepatnya masa jalan.  Ever since i'm blessed with kids, time surely jogs fast! Kalau naik treadmill tu ibarat 50km per hour laa..

Wanted to blog about my birthday gift since early July sebab tak sabar coz i got an advanced birthday present.  I love it to bits. This would be my hubby's 4th picks for my handbags.  Nak use that day jugak tapi since its birthday present so kena laa tunggu past birthday kan.  Was thinking to go out yesterday, nak get some outfit to go with the 'birthday gift' tapi sadly my kids not well.  Both Nabila and Iman demam dah almost 1 week.  Dugaan betul this week.

Tapi tadi my hubby completely surprised me with another gift! Ni yang buat sayang lebih hehehe.. Ni pun phone yang ke-4 my darling dah beli.  Dasyatkan, lasak giler i guna phone. I'll try harder this time to jaga dengan baik ye darling.  

Actually June and July have been a great months for me.  I received gifts from my dearie hubby yang selalu i throw tantrums at him.  I think he's the only one who understand my upswing moods.  Despite angin pusaran badan yang tak menentu, despite my unfashionable hair, despite my seluar apek kat rumah, despite my 2 flabby tyres which i'm still trimming down..despite my nagging, he still loves me for who i am. you yang.    

I should be more thankful and more grateful.  Thankful for my supportive husband yang selalu pamper me with good stuff. I am grateful for my little kids who brings me tremendous joy everyday walaupun everyday kena dok guna trumpet at them, "Imannnnnnnnn..NaBilaaaaaaa", walaupun jadi stress most of the times pasal them. Not to mention, my good health, my home and our financial blessings. Life has been great. It’s not perfect, but I can truly say it has been wonderful

Also sangat bersyukur having my dear parents around. They have been understanding, standing by me and extremely supportive in many ways. I would be lost without Mak and Bapak. No matter what happened, they were always there to guide me.

My siblings..@ my bigger family yang selalu menceriakan my Sundays :-).  My kids ada 2 je hopefully they're become closer to their cousins.  Like me and my cousins..

Oh Alllah, help me to become a better person each day i walk on this earth.  Help me to treasure more for my loved ones. Ameen.

 My surprise birthday gift! Sengihhhhhhhh and ternganga je masa ni..

  My advanced birthday gift yang tak surprise tapi yang i tak sabar nak guna esok!

My June gift! along with others yang i better not say it out hehee..I got 2 rides now hehehe...yang kelakar with my new ride, 1st week pening..nak tekan lampu, pegi tekan wiper totally the opposite..bila nak bagi signal, tertekan wiper! Asyik kena horn je..bila drive color ranggi2 ni..rasa cam awet muda kah kah kah

My home, my family...alhamdullilah, semua yang happy2 je surrounded my life. Tak sangka da gak suprise. muka minyak penuh boleh goreng ikan!  Masa tiup lilin..emmm..wish banyak2 semoga my precious cheris berdua tu sihat..Nabila tengah nak fever masa tu..*sobs*.  Si Iman boikot taknak take pix sampai tutup muka anak teruna i..sabo je laa..

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