Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baca Macam Kura-Kura

I love booksssssssssssssssss....I can stay all day in book stores..Masa time anak dara, i read 3-4 books a week! Those days duit poket tak cukup so most of the time, i'll rent books je.  Balik je from Shah Alam, drop by kat Central Market or Kota Raya pi kedai mamak, rent a book.  Sangat cheap, sampaikan mamak tu dah ready new arrivals for me. 

When Iman arrive in my life, i intend to make him love book so almost every week i bought him books.  Umur satu minggu dah tengok buku hehehe..overnya mummy dia.  Anyway these days i read books macam ala-ala siput babi nak move from Bukit Antarabangsa to KLCC! Lembab selembabnya...i dunno why perhaps those days the books yang i read ala2 fiction, romance, steamy mimi..horror..ye laa..Mills and Boon, Stephen King, Dan Brown, John Grisham...

Only these days i tend to read more on facts, motivational books agaknya ala-ala buku teks kot hehhee...of course laa when u come to a certain level, mind got to be improved! 

Anyway sempena Ramadhan ni nak introducekan one book Muhammad by Martin Lings.  The most book yang paling informative about Nabi Muhammad SAW.  I felt it was beautifully written in a most splendorous manner. Ling's work is brilliant and in itself inspirational. Lupa nak cakap, buku ni ala-ala Shakespeare..not fully classic tapi ada laaa time-time yang you'll find something like ...""Whouldst thou have better than that..., well thou knowest the distress that hath fallen..."  For me yang baca classic books 20 tahun sudah, quite mencabar gak laa hehehe..Al maklum laa English pun dah berlumut, nak kena kikis balik

Selamat Membaca Semua..dan Selamat Beramal

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