Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nostalgia Ramadhan

Once upon a time...I was 9, 2nd bro was 7 and my lil bro was 5.

In the and my 2 bros.  Claiming to my mom that we're taking a shower but we're actually waiting in line to quest of thirst. My 3rd bro was on fasting trial whereas me and my bro were fully fasting ehemmm..well that's what my mom thinks. And thats what we thought.  During buka puasa, my mom looking over at my bro who's gulping the water as if thats baru first time jumpa water..."Hai, tadi minum petang dah banyak still dahaga ke noffal??".  My bro gave my mom a big smile.  The routine continues..of course being the eldest i became the leader of breaking the fast.  Not all the time..once a while when the weather was too hot.. :-)

I wanted to try and let my son fast half day but my mom forbid since my son has appetite problem.  On the first day of Ramadhan he came back and told my mom
Iman: Mak Tok hari ni orang puasakan Mak Tok
My Mom: Ya
Iman     : Puasa tu no need to eatkan Mak Tok
My Mom: Ya, tak boleh makan minum..
My son..already glowing..smiling to his ears
Iman     : Yeyyyyy..Iman puasa laa Mak Tok
My Mom: Dakkkkkkk...Iman tak boleh posa, iman 6 years old baru iman puasa iman small lagi..
Iman     : looking down and sad..."Why?? Iman tak nak eat laa Mak Tok.."

Yesterday i brought him to Bazaar Ramadhan dekat Keramat, he wasn't even bother to look at the food.  Tutup hidung lagi ada laa coz of the smoke from people bakar ikan.  I asked him to choose one food to bring back ended up..dia nak dadih 1 cup saja. Emmm...anak bujangku yang slim melim ni..

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