Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Being Grateful?

I've been surrounded with negative vibes since last week.  It makes me clumsy, anxious, angry, blaming things, blaming people.  And i even shifted my clouds of angry towards my children.  So i reckon i should be looking for something fresh, something to get my soul boost and get going!

I came across this video...thankful that someone posted this video so i would like to share this with the rest

Today i was so angry with Nabila for emptying the bath foam and hand soap, bathroom baru lavender whole day!
Tonite, after watching the video,  i'm so grateful for her to be able to take bath on her own

Today i was so angry with Nabila for dropping my Iphone for 5 times in 3 days time!
Tonite, i'm grateful because she's finally learn how to solve puzzle in my Iphone

Today i was so angry with Nabila for making my whole porch area flooded
Tonite, i'm grateful because she knows how to clean and wipe my car

Tonite, i was so angry with Iman for not wanting to eat rice or mee
Tonite also i'm grateful for having a son who is healthy and want to eat my Tiramisu for dinner.

By All Famous Quote

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