Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What A Bad Mummy I am :-(

Nabila, 3 days in a row, 3 times a day. Days filled with Nebulizer.
I never thought my girl would need gas.  She was quite healthy for the past 2 years.
Hardly had any fever, flu or cough. So it came as a surprise for me when the GP said she got early symptoms of astma.  None of our families had it before so takde kesedaran pasal sakit ni at all. Tak pernah ambik tau.

Bila all these happened, it makes me recall how i had taken things slightly easy with my daughter.  Rasa bersalah betul.  With Nabila, i tak berapa mandikan with air panas, unlike Iman. Nabila doesn't sleep with a blankie and not even with socks on.  When I put on, she reluctant in the end i just forgo.  Hardly pantang makanan Nabila, why? She loves to eat, i didn't see any harm in it.  She sleeps under the fan and sometimes with the aircond on. She loves outdoor, main dirt is like playing PlayDoh.  Always love to main air, basah-basah baju.  Kadang-kadang tak berbaju sebab she doesn't want to wear.  Ice-cream selalu.  Orang minum air ais, she wants to chew the ice! Keropok Ikan terenganu tu favourite, everyday! I guess all those lil things lead to her early symptoms.  

Adoi terasa what a bad mother I am.  Perhaps i was too focus on Iman's health that i terlalai nak tengokkan si adik.  Sorry sangat sayang.  People, don't repeat my mistakes!
From now on, no more ice, no ice cream, no grapes, no oranges, no chips, no keropok ikan, socks on every nite, no aircond, no playing with water, mandi warm water saja..etc...Now Nabila is on Singulair, Butylin and Zyrtec for 21 days. Siannya anak mummy huhuhu..hopefully tak sampai ke astma.  

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