Saturday, January 28, 2012

I finally migrated

I finally migrated on 1st January 2012 @ 7 Safar 1433 Hijrah; Sunday.  I was longing to migrate for quite some time yet i couldn't find the strength nor the perfect reason.  It was a scary yet exhilarating decision to make.  Scary in the sense that my hijab has become my identity.  Whether i can continue for the rest of my life to hold on to this identity.  I hope i have the strength and faith for it.

At the office, i'm at ease wearing pants and skirts, back in the old days...i wore only skirts.  In fact i was the only Muslim woman who wore above knee length skirts. Bermuda and shorts are my weekend attire.

I remembered the look that my mother in law gave me when we first met.  Funny betul but those were the days.  I was in my low cut tight hugging tees with a three quarter jeans. And she was like eyeeing me from the side of her eyes.. up and down..Hehehe..

Funny how the transformation gives me a clearer idea of what people think about me all those years..

Casual onlookers will give me a nod, some said "Alhamdullilah".  
Some congrats, full of handshakes and i even got huggies :-).  
Tiba-tiba terasa besarnya rahmat hari tu.  
May Allah bless them all.

Well a few have some says...

  • "Nasha, i expected you to be the last one to wear tudung!"...Emm...stunted, teruk sangat ke aku ni
  • "Nasha, you're such an open minded person, how come you change?"...I cover only my head, my brain is still the same. [Wow, is this the way how most people think about people who wear hijab? I need to change this perspective!]
  • "Did your husband you force you to wear?"...Nope, decision made by myself, for myself
  • "You look baiknya!" Wow, was i that bad all those years? Was i that wild?

Its been 28 days and and I don't regret my decision.  It's odd when you get older other people's opinion of you don't matter much anymore. 

I believe that what comes from Him can be nothing less than the best.



  1. sis...ALHAMDULILLAH...
    sangat berSYUKUR and happy ngan pengHIJRAHan yg telah dilakukan oleh sis..
    sangat MANIS..CANTIK..ANGGUN wiv HIJAB..
    insyaALLAH..sama2 kita menghayati lagi keINDAHAN ISLAM disisi ALLAH SWT..insyaALLAH.. :)

  2. Thanks Lucky Stuff, thanks Miss Zara :-)

  3. Wow! Big step and so proud of you for making that decision!


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