Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hancur PhotobookKu

Here i am sorting the pix and placing it superbly on the photobook software when my lil sis came from behind and commented... "Ewww...boringnya, takde art langsung! The pictures all look the same"

Well hello dearie sis, tak nampak ke pictures tu semua lain haa..perhaps its nearing to 1am, so her sights cant be trusted that muchkan....anyway her comments cuts deep to my own eyes.  Ni yang aku tak tahan ni..so because of that 'simplisiti' comments, i pun plan to restart the photobook again!!! Yup2..start right after i blog about this...Huhuhu...bertahun aku buat haa..ye laa since oct2011 till apr2012 so makan 2 tahun laa kan...

Thank god i didnt take a day off like my friend to complete the album else i'll be screaming down my throat!!

This is my artwork...is it that bad?? I'll post after i discover the 'art' soul in my heart later..opps..the art soul in my brain!!

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