Monday, May 21, 2012

U Punya Tempat Ke Ni?

Location: Surau Office
Me: (pointing to an empty place with sejadah rolled out)
Me: "Hi, U punya tempat ke?"
LadyBlur: "Taktau Taktau Taktau..."
Me: (dalam hati) Soalan senang pun taktau jawab ka..It was like Yes or No!!!! Ye atau Tak!!!

Then somehow it reminds me back on the old days...Saleman datang jual masa lunch.  He said "Kakak..." My answer was.."Takmau Takmau Takmau..." I was also blurred!!! I didnt give him a chance to explain.  Teruknya. At least i could hear and thereafter i said "Tak Nak, Terima Kasih"

What goes around comes around

I got to change! I will change

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