Friday, July 20, 2012

First Book By Faizal Tehrani

Maaf Dari Syurga.
If i knew the content, i won't be buying it.  Why didn't you check it out in the first place!! Well i was so eager during the Pesta Buku terus grab saja.

Was it that bad? Nope it was great actually! Honestly! It was short, suspense and simple. Tapi since ada unsur2 horror which i make a pledge to stop reading / listening / watching so itu yang terout sket from my favourite list. Kalau 5 years back, horror2 ni yang daku cari. I simply nak baca benda2 positif je from now on..yang ada unsur2 horror yang i can imagine, i have to put aside.  Baca buku ni in 3 days time making me imagine things late at nite..Tu yang tak syok tu. 

I'll give 3.3 / 5 hehehe..nak bagi 3.5 macam banyak pulak.  Apa laaa aku ni. Anyway u can finish reading the book dalam sekali duduk if u know what i mean.

Anyway according to the book, it was among his first writings.  Because of that, kena salute sket.  Nicely written for a schoolboy level!

"...sarah isterinya yang jelita, wajahnya kini umpama pangkal cerutu yang digigit-gigit.  Wajahnya cerunyas..."

Most of his books kena cari kat kedai2 buku yang tak popular or online.  Somehow dia ni dah jadi controversial writer so its kindda hard to find his books..i got 2-3 more of his collection to finish. 

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