Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Say That We Are Grateful...But Are We?

I was looking at this pix in the FB moments ago. I was grateful for i have hands to do things.  But deep down, i'm asking myself whether i am really grateful.  Most of us watch so many videos..look at so many photos and real people..when we see things which touches our heart, we feel something and yes at that particular moment, we feel blessed. But would that feeling lingers forever? Don't think so, it might for the next 2-3days..but thereafter, its gone with the wind. My dad @ Bapak told me.. "Rezeki itu nikmat" .  Yet i still grumble. Manusia memang kurang bersyukur.  And thats the truth.

No Hands , But Still he works to feed his old parents .

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