Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bila Masa Makin Hampir

I was upstairs blogging just now when my dad @ Bapak came beside me and told me that he visited his mom today. Nothing surprises me as he visited her almost daily. 

His story goes....."Went to see my mom just now..dia complaint dia sakit kepala and could not sleep.  I took some oil and started massaging her head..i went down to her shoulder and arms.  She said she felt better"

I noticed Bapak's eyes bergenang...he goes "Eventually i started massaging her feet.  At the moment Nasha, ayaq mata Bapak couldn't stop flowing. Of course she doesn't realize i was crying..and finally she can sleep Nasha".  Bapak smiled at me and went down.  I understand perhaps he felt his mother would not have much time left as she's already 92. She's healthy no doubt but at that age, somehow rather you'll be frail. 

As Bapak steps down the stairs, my tears were flowing. I was figuring whether i would be blessed later to have my parents as old as my grandma. I imagine my days massaging Bapak's feet as what he did to his mom. Then I imagine what would my days be without him...Oh Ya Allah, sedehnya....sangat sedehnya.  

I will miss his smell :-(
He's the first person to greet me "Morning Nasha" in the morning and pat my shoulder
He's the first one to give me a kiss on my forehead before i leave for work
He's the first one to say "Take Care" before i start driving to work
He's the first one to make sure my car is in great condition before i leave for work
He's the first one to ask me "Hows my day at the office" when i came home
I will miss his time with my children, how he makes them feel really like a child
I will miss his "Asmaul Husna" every Maghrib
I will miss hearing him reciting quran at dawn
I will miss his jokes
I will miss his advises
I will miss his nightly sharing session of outrageous ideas
I will miss all his inspirational stories

Oh God, i pray hard that Bapak dipanjangkan umur selama mungkin untuk menjadi peneman hari-hari yang mendatangku. Teringin nak bring my parents and buat Umrah together. Semoga, niat dan doaku dimakbulkanMu.

Sangat sangat bersyukur masih ada Mak dan Bapak.
Semoga segala doaku untuk Mak & Bapak sentiasa diterimaMu.
Semoga masa, umur, ilmu dan amalan mereka dirahmatiMu sentiasa
Semoga dapat berjumpa mereka diSyurga kelak

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