Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girls Clothing

I know most mommies are ecstatic when they are told that they gonna get a baby girl kan. Aha, don't deny :-).  I'm sure some of you are starting to dream about having those ballerina shoes, the sassy pink cardigan, the knitted pattern hat with yellow and blue flower decorating at the side of the hat, the cute slimy legging and needless to say more.  End of Chapter.  

When i went shopping for Nabila's arrival, i felt there were'nt so many choices of clothing for baby girl.  Balik balik pink, balik balik pinkTrue the designs were different but the colors i mean basically its 90% pink!  I prefer baby boy's clothing.  But now as she's turning 1 1/2 year, the clothes are coming into style.

Waiting for Bila to turn 3, i wanna adorn her with these funky tees.  Stylo Myllo sket.  Most of the time i shop at Pumpkin Patch.  Dunno why but its colorful and cute! Most of the brands are quite common in their design thus i prefer to check out the small smal boutiques around town.  These boutiques offer styles, colors, and designs which you hardly find in most of the common brands. 

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