Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

I was often asked how my husband and I met.  So here goes the story.... Once a upon a time, infront of the Selangor Golf Club, Jalan Ampang at the T junction traffic light while waiting for the green light to give signal, a guy gave a flash glance at me along with a cheeky smile.  Yup, we're both in our cars while he's the driver, i'm the passenger at the other end.

The green light blinked, shift the gear into 2 and the engine vrooms away. We were side by side, glimpsing at each other.  Yup, still in the car.

Getting to Kg Pandan roundabout, he was about to split towards Sg Besi / Cheras while i'm heading into Kg Pandan. As we were about to pass his car, with great impetus his buddy put out his hand and right there and then we saw a card on his hand.  And within this split seconds, my friend Sharifah @ the driver managed to grabbed hold to the card and speed off.

I'm not sure what to do with the card, as odd as it sounds...that month alone i got many invites from guys.  Some i went out, some i turn down and some i didnt bother to return call / hello.  Should i call? Well Sya said call up!

Actually, i had just ended a relationship with a jerk. Call him moron, fool, dunce,dolt, idiot whatever that listed in the google search under that phrase can be credited to him.  So i was pretty sick of guy and i even vowed not to have a steady and loyal relationship anymore. 

I just decide to go dates, to have fun, ..u are not attached, you got your own world to think about and yet you still have fun with the opposite sex.  And yet of course, the minute you pledge to be this way, whateva that you're not looking for, comes knocking on your soul door...

Coffee Bean Ampang Point was our first point of contact.  There were 5 of us.  3 guys and 2 girls.  We chatted and we clicked as a group.  Hence we started going out places as a group.  These guys really know how to entertain us.  We had blasting activities with 'em.

Me and my hubby, we didnt head straight to become couple.  We've become good friends...yup almost 2 years.  We go out to clubs, concerts, movies, playing pools, bowlings, lepakking and many many more dates..We go outing a lot and heck we had barrel of fun. It was what i wanted, no string attached.

And after that 2 wonderful years as friends together, he finally ask the question. Huh macam nak kawin rite.  Well this is just a proposal to become a formal boyfriend and gilfriend..hehehehe. just like school time.  Boy it was hard to say yes, i was in Bangkok most of the time while he was in Port Dickson.

But fate will always be fate.  How we met, how we started. Was it coincidence?

Soon we became lovers.  We coupled for 2 years.  You know when you're in a relationship at a mature age, things are different. You don't become 'belangkas', you don't hold hands all the time, you don't make calls all the time.. Its all more realistic, sensible, calm and still it can be a lovey dovey relationship.  This is far the best relationship i had.  We hardly bergaduh!  I mean my 'boyfriend' is quite a patient man or perhaps he just mellows when it comes to me..

Our usual spots would be Bora Ombak (the old place, behind habib Ampang Point), Coffee Bean Mont Kiara, Dome's KLCC, Baja Cafe Taman Dagang (*sigh* closed down :-( ), The Hills Wangsa Maju (wonder if its still operates). We go clubbing at Planet Hollywood. Its pratically our hanging place every week. Ni pun dah closed huhuhu.. Such memories.. I'll cherish them forever.

I was at a complete shock when he asked me whether his mother can come by and meet my mum. Me: "For what?" "Well to become my bride of course". Shit, this is serious. I was flushing and sweating. Wanna know why? well when everytime a guy popped out the "Question", i will eventually leave him. Why? Entah freak? Dunno but this time i was ready and i'm so glad i got enough senses to say "Let me ask my mom first" hahhhahaa.. Sunggah unromanticnya kan.. but hey with the candles and wind blowing smoothly across our faces at that time, it was a blissful and romantic nite.

Funny how it started, we were on our separate ways.  We bumped on each other.  Then it was me and him.  Then we become one and now we became 4.  I'm glad and thankful for this years of delightful journey. We'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary in few days time.  Praying all the way that i'm able to share and experience my life with him for the next 70 years to come.  We'll be 105 by that time.
Yang, if you're happen to read this one day, I'm blogging this so that we always have this tucked away somewhere, to always remember how we began


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  1. Masyallah..kalau dah jodoh..tak kemana...but at the traffic light???


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