Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going On A Trip..

When I got married, I told my husband that we need to go for holiday every year.

It’s a MUST.

I believe it will add spice to our marriage life and remove all the negative energy or stress that we’re having. Its time for us to relax. I make a point to go on trip 3 times a year. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a short holiday 2D 1N or near to our home, as long as its out from the house.

Having small children can be quite tricky when you’re planning for a trip. Dengan susu, dengan diapers, dengan ubat2 and cream; sooo many things to bring sometimes makes u feel sooo hard to go for long holidays / far places. Boleh hilang mood wooo.. This year I baru go one place, kena cover lagi 2 places. I got free voucher to pangkor. So planning to go within this Raya festive. Tapi dengan nak naik bot, dengan nak bawa stroller, susu and diapers makes me feel..adoi susah aje. I mean if normal hotel, u’ll just bring the bags rite to the front door, ni nak kena drag naik turun boat. Pergh..mencabarnya!!

So I berazam nak buat macam some people where they just GO FOR IT. Tak usah dok pikir bab susah nak bawa barang, bab makanan ada or not, bab bilik comfortable or not. BE POSTIVE, REDAH SUDAH!

Ist time main pasir nih...excited habis Iman

Avillion ni memang relaxing for couples or families.  Dia siap ada mini zoo, so quite fun for children.  Then ada few activies macam monyet panjat poko kelapa and after that we get to drink from the coconut, pastu ada cak lempong ada laa few more..tak ingat.  Try browse the website, food dia pun delicious...strongly recommended!


  1. cantiknya blog hang... seronoknya pergi bercuti... uwaaa... cuti aku tinggal sikit, tak merasala nak berjalan end of this year

  2. thanks, aku cuti raya pun ada 3 hari jer babe..this yr nak jalan 2 tmpt kalau sempat..tapi cam ko gak ler cuti menyedihkan!


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