Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help, You Are Torturing Me!

I really really HATE when I read something related to torturing women and kids. This week we have 2 incidents where one lady and daughter was brutally slashed by husband and another where the husband poured acid on her and her children.

HELLO LADIES… if you are in this situation, CABUT, BLAH, CHOW, GET OUT, RUN AWAY. Nak tunggu apa? A true husband is someone who not only loves you but appreciate you, value your opinion, hormat you as his wife, the mother of his children and a daughter of his inlaws!

Kadang2 tak mesti kena pukul, simple statement macam “Bodoh laa kau ni, tu pun tak boleh buat”. This is considered as abusive tau. Ni mentally tortured secara slowly.

If your husband/father/brother or even boyfriend makes you feel less of yourself ….buat kita rasa rendah diri tu dah dikira part of torturing.

Sekali dia naik tangan, dia akan repeat! Kalau dah few times kena sepak terajang, let your family and friends know. Nothing to be ashamed off. Get help!

Kalau tahap, he threatens to bunuh or pour acid then go to the police! I know its easier said then done but if tak start bila lagi? Like the 2 cases, their husband had given warning signs so when the signs are there, ACT! If not children akan jadi victim.

Remember, these abusive behaviours only happen when you allow it to happen.


Love yourself before you love others.

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  1. i was so angry to that stupid guy who did this. you forgot to mention that it was all started from rm30 that he could not get from his wife. i thought stupid people do not think but it gets scarier to know how they think..


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