Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Nabila

Imanee Nabila turned 1 on 21 March 2010. We throw her birthday party at Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson.

Throwing a party elsewhere then your house can be a challenging experience. I had to make proper planning so that the party wont get spoilt. Since it was in PD, I got to bring cd player, scissors, celetope, ropes..segala macam yang remeh temeh la. With so many things to get done, I knew a checklist would come in handy.

From booking the hotels, the caterers, handing the invitations to ordering cake, I did alone. Pergh letih dibuatnya. Bring the cake to the hotel was one thing. I need to make sure the cake doesn’t melt and able to last by 8.30pm.

In order to save budget I didn’t order from the hotel. Ye la, hotel rooms for families of Kak Lang, Kak Ngah, Kak Cik, my parents in law, my parent and my siblings je dah berapa. Mau bangkrap, if we ordered from the hotel.

We picked that hotel because its family-oriented, the pools are meant for children. The pools are from feet level up to the 5feet. Ada few slides for the children to enjoy. So its pretty fun activity for them and it was just a distance from KL. So everybody able to make for the trip. The room was so so je la, dont expect too much.

Tips1: Dalam kelam kabut, I left some of the party deco at home. So the big banner wasn’t there. Frustrated with that, my sis popped up an idea, she used the table plastic cover as the banner. It turns out to be great, big and the best part its cheap!! Dari nak spend $49.90 on 2ftx2ft banner, I got a 5ftx2ft banner for the price of $6.90.

Tips2: Buy deco at Toy r us, way more cheaper than normal birthday shop. Balloons, just buy them at tesco. But if you got the budget for the balloons, go to birthday shop and they prepare balloons in a very nice way.

Wish: Next birthday, if I decide to do at home and have the budget, I wanna get Clown who does magic for the children. Mesti syok kan!

invitation card, design sendiri ok dak?

moist choc cake by Secret Recipe, i dont really prefer the cake but thats the only cake that can last without putting in the fridge

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  1. wakaka... I still remember u ask all of us to vote for the layout of invitation card.......


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