Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Office Corner At Home

I have a living hall upstairs. The space is large enough to accommodate 2 queen size beds and 2 single beds. Everyday when I climbed up the stairs, the first thing I saw is the tv cabinet with all the stacking boxes on top of it. SAKIT MATA betul! I need to refurbish the whole area but right now I don’t have the budget.

I plan to divide into 2 different sides. One is an office corner while another would be the relax spot area. Since my main living hall is a neutral color so for this area, I wanna make it colorful and lively. I wanna do a built in cabinet for the office corner, the writing table would be in the middle of the hall. So that I can use both sides of the table. I’m going to buy an L shape sofa with various colors of throw cushions so whoever lepak there can watch the tv and read books comfortably.

Though the plan is for next year, I better find sources from now. I wanna share what inspires me with all of you and be sure, there’ll be more to come. Enjoy!

yg left ni dramatickan 
 sukanya meja ni...nice

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