Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm A SuperWoman

I feel like a superwoman yesterday. Right after sahur, I started preparing to do cookies @ Biskut Nestum for Raya. Acting like a pro. I mixed all ingredients confidently and only to find out I added extra ½ cup of nestum into the mixture without realizing it was suppose to be for decoration purposes. Duhh! 

Due to that I had to add another butter and got to wait for the butter to soften in order to knead the dough. While waiting I started my second blog @ business blog. Around 8.30 I continue with the dough, 9.00am I was out to the playground with my kids till 10.00. At 10.30am, I continue baking the cookies. Around 12:30 had my shower and at the same time CUCI KAIN! My Temp maid was sicked and didn’t turn up last Thursday.

at the park tepi mrr2 near ampang point
By 3pm I was out to Pavilion with my family. I didn’t expect Pavilion will be clouded with people. Rozy, Billabong, Pumkin Patch, Gap, Guess, Mothercare..most boutiques we went were packed….i thought people are done shopping since its just 2 weeks away from Raya and these boutiques were no longer on sale. Regardless of the price, orang beli baju macam beli ikan. I guess coz its for Raya. Anyway I’m glad we were able to grab some items and managed to finish shopping 90% for Raya. Rushing home by 7pm for berbuka. Tuck Nabila into bed at 9, only by 11 everything seems to settle down. Pergh..what a day. I had a FUNtastic day with my family. Thank you God. Amin.


at pavilion

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