Friday, August 6, 2010

My Bottom, Mummy!

Well i want to introduce a cream, bukan cream muka but cream 'bontot' yikes obscene laa pulak it sounds ye.  Well its actually for baby bottom!  I nak introduce because my kids have been using it for the past 4 years..coming to 4 years. 

It heals fast.  Gentle on baby bottom.  Its thick and creamy but u just need to apply thin layer.  Nappy rash or even kita punya crack nipple masa breastfeed pun boleh guna. 
Try it out, you wont regret, its available at Watson/Guardian. BEPANTHEN


  1. weii... ni apahal tetiba citer pasal krim 'bontot' ni? Is it because u bought for your anak menakan mak besaq?

  2. yup, dah dapat anak buah baru tu yg tiba2 rasa nak promote cream nih hehehe


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