Sunday, August 1, 2010

Whose Nose and Toes?

My cheris love reading! How do I make them read? Well I force them hehehe.. forcing stimulation since the age of 1 week. Kidding? Nope im dead serious!

Masa pregnantkan Iman, I read a lot of articles on we need to stimulate babies the moment they open their eyes. In my case, it was a week because Iman didn’t fully open his both eyes after 1 week. Kalau bukak je, only 1 side. So right after 1 week, I started showing him flash cards. But only on colors. I did that every day till he was 2 months. Right after, almost every Friday I will buy him a book. He’s keen now. Ok stop.

Actually I wanted to post about my girl’s favourite book. Nak recommend laa ni. Its simple, interesting and nice. The illustration is neat and precise. And you can rhyme while asking them “Whose Nose and Toes are…?.

I got it when she was 1 year. Masa reading time, boleh buat sound Mooo..Auff..Auff..Aumm..Aumm..she will get familiarize with the sounds the animals make...Nabila belum cakap lagi but at least she can associate the sounds that cows, pigs, ducks, dogs, horses, cats, rhinos, elephants and monkeys make. Kira macam guessing game laa ni. Very interactive and fun. Musti BELI!

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