Monday, August 2, 2010

Growing Up Lil Ones

I believe all of us as mothers want to see more what our babies can do…when he’s at 2 months old, you’ll be thinking bila laa dia nak start merangkak when he started crawling you’ll be thinking bila la nak jalan, senang tak payah dukung lagi..when he started walking, you’re thinking bila dia nak start talking…

I don’t know about others but for me each time they started with new action I keep on thinking for the next action assuming my ‘tasks’ as a mother will be more easier each day it passes by..But in actual fact when they started venturing into new ‘action’, things are not as easy as we thought it would be.

Once they started crawling, they are soldiers and our house is their so called jungle! Exploring the dining table as the forest and carpets as the stream. Then they started walking, wow ni lagi adventure, they’ll climb the stairs as their mountains. Letih beb! Nak kena pasang kawat duri kat tangga, kat kitchen.. so from your English style home you can expect a minimalist concept.

This coming September, my son will turn 4. Im sure many more ‘action’ surprises will for my daughter, she's in training for the coming marathon , she's 1yr 4mths

iMAN aT 3 MtHs, trYIng to push HImseLF uP

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