Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gruesome Killings of Sosilawati, Kamarudin, Abdul Kamil and Noorhisham

Today, my initial plan was to blog about my Pangkor trip but with media flashing the brutally murdered of Sosilawati's case these past few days makes me want to join the malaysian crowd in screaming out "What the hell has happened to the people of Malaysia?"  Then we have the ustazah and son case.  What have we become??  Kenapa ada orang-orang macam ni dalam Malaysia??? 

But disebalik kejadian kejam ni, ada hikmah.  At least the families of 'other unfound victims' may finally have some hope in solving the 'disapperance mystery' all this while.

It was on the news today that one of the suspects admits they were given RM1500 for stabbing the poor woman outside the main suspects house.  For RM1500??? Are they that desperate enough?  I mean for RM15,000 i can still believe orang akan kelabu mata but for seribu setengah?  Sickening indeed!

Some news claimed that the victims were cut into pieces before being burned.  They were beaten with cricket bat, ditarik guna besi cangkuk guni and macam2 lagi.  One of the suspects who did the 'operation' has yet to be captured.  And he is just 19 years olddddddddddddd. 

Around 8.30 pm, more shocking news!  Some 'warga asing' were thrown into kandang beruang.  I assume ni pekerja dia kot.. Bangla kaa Indian ka, Pakistan ke...yang illegal immigrants laa.. Gila betul..i dont want to imagine further!

Either speculation or facts, it was definitely a heinous offense, appalling act, horrendous... I cant picture and image of myself cutting rabbit into pieces let alone a human being. Kalau seorang, i can still accept perhaps rasa takut, panic can actually turn a man into something his not but all 4??? memang brutal, takde hati perut. JAHAT SEJAHAT punya manusia!

Nak di jadikan cerita on the 8th Sept 2010, boleh pula this Indian lady, all the way from India came to Malaysia and make a police report about her husband missing at the farm and with that clue, the police managed to trace the farm.  One thought, only after 8 months she finally came down to seek the husband.  Could it be a coincidence? God is GREAT!

Reading one end to another, i felt as if I'm reading a Hindi novel macam cerita2 hindustan yang selalu tayang on Saturdays,  The bad guy was always portraying himself as the good guy, charitable guy, helpful and bla bla.  When one villager goes against, he'll be captured, tortured, burnt and the ashes will be thrown in the river.  Cuma the difference dalam cerita Hindustan, ada hero emerge at the finale.

Quote Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said  "Before writing your stories, please get your facts right and not simply get confirmation from anonymous sources," he said, adding that information obtained from such "sources" may not be true.

Betul tu datuk, from one newspaper to another, the stories will be slightly different. Some reports indicate that the victims were chopped before being burnt.  Some stated beaten and vice versa.  I agree, bukan semua betul but bukan semua salah jugak.  Well Datuk Khalid, all of us want the stories.  At least i believe with the media pressing the cops, the PDRM has started to use VPOWER RACING 97 rather than before only RON95.  Anyhow, syabas to PDRM for a job well done, a fast one and please please korek all the previous cases.  We hope you guys can korek deeper.  The ustazah and her son case was a good example, fast tracked case.  Bravo!

My heart goes out to all the families of the victims.  I'm pretty sure memori ni akan kekal sampai bila2 dengan diaorang and paling menyedihkan apabila setiap kali kita beraya, family diaorang akan terkenang ibu dan bapa diaorang yang dibunuh dengan kejam sampai ke akhir hayat mereka. Kesiannya :-(

Salam Takziah buat the families.

May You Rest in Peace Sosilawati, Kamarudin, Abdul Kamil and Noorhisham

To all kawan kawan muslims, sama-samalah kita sedekahkan Al-fatihah.

I must say, the cops looked more like the suspects as compared to the real suspect.  I think before i'm being interrogate, i would have peed in my pants.  Jangan mare ye Encik-Encik Polis

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