Monday, September 20, 2010

Mild Eczema

Nabila has mild eczema. I wasn’t aware earlier on although during confinement she developed bad rashes on her face when I consumed chicken. Since then, I stopped Johson&Johnson and started to use Sebamed as its more gentle on her skin.

Anyway, starting last month I’ve started to use Melaleuca, It has a complete line of wellness products. I’ve tried the Koala Pals Tear-Free Body Wash and Koala Pals Tear-Free Hair Wash for Nabila. Its actually similar to Sebamed but Sebamed liquid is much thicker. For a 325ml bottle, the price is quite reasonable. Using only natural ingredients such as coconuts, oats, vitamin E, aloe vera, and chamomile, it leaves a delicious fruity scents.

Melaleuca products are tea tree oil based, and have no harsh chemicals or additives in them. So its not harmful to the eco system, and nothing in these products will hurt even after they end up in the septic systems. Knowing that this product is safe, I’m don’t have to worry if Nabila swallows the bubbles or the water as no harmful chemicals that could cause her to become ill and that’s part of the reason why I’ve willing to try out in the first place. Forgot to mention but if im not mistaken, this an Australian product

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