Thursday, September 2, 2010


I remembered few years back when I was working on and off KL-Bangkok, I had a great time shopping. It was 2 weeks KL, 2 weeks Bangkok. Each time I came back to KL, my luggage would be full! I bought lots and lots of clothing. My wardrobe change tremendously. I didn’t have to buy new clothes for 2 years. Yup, no kidding!

I was petite and slim at that time so it was a bonus for me since Thai’s fashion mostly catered for slim figured ladies. I kindda miss those times. These days I tend to shop for my kids more than I do for myself. My sis has started commenting on my outing clothes, she says they were no longer in trend, dull and macam2 yang negative la.

I think its high time to revamp my wardrobe and style. Now I better look look and see see what’s in trend. Going to make this as one of my 2011 mission – CHANGE OF STYLE.
I love cardigans somehow it helps to enhance you look..make it more trendy


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