Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kerana Mulut Badan Binasa

I accident yesterday! Geramnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Angry at myself for not being careful and cautious! Kelam kabut! For how many years I’ve been driving, I have not knock on any car nor anyone for that matter and yet yesterday the incident was unacceptable. I went out from the carpark and without looking at my side mirror, I just drove off and almost immediately there was a loud bang and there goes my car. I hit the tiang! Ok don’t laugh, it serious ok. I parked beside a wall perhaps too close to it. Tension gila.

As I drove back home I was trying to figure out what went wrong and suddenly it hit me. Right before I went to car park I was gossiping about someone with my friend. WOW, how GOD paid cash! I don’t know why but I never learn the lesson, I realize this year everytime I join any conversation yang gossip about orang, next 2-3 hours im going to get it. Kenapa laa tak insaf insaf, nasha! Me and my big mouth!

The gossip was about this guy who left his 9 children at kampong. I felt he and the wife were pretty selfish and no sense of responsibility. And when the paper stated that people are getting aid to help him with his life, I felt it was’nt right. If he can’t afford to care for his children, why go on and have the 10th child. That made me furious and I felt this kind of people only live in their world without bothering the consequence of their action. Its like EAT LIVE DIE. The basic stuff. Period.

That’s what I commented. Kadang2 bukan nak gossip but their stories are flashing everywhere in the papers. How to close one eye and just read thru. I guess I should not comment about people. Don’t meddle in people’s life. How they going to live, its their life. How they going to fend for their family, let them be. How they treat their family/children pun I should not care coz it’s their lifestyle. Next time I should just read papers like I do with story books. Treat it as a short stories.

In future, I need to zip my mouth and I do hope I remember well this incident. Got to tell myself over and over again. May Allah brush up my behavior and forgive me for all my wrong doings. Amin.

the word gossip=networking nak menyedapkan hati je actually gossip = mengumpat ler

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