Sunday, September 5, 2010

Raya Decor 2

4 more days till Aidilfitri. Yesterday I went to Jalan TAR., passed by SOGO. Oh my god, massive crowd! From outside, look as if SOGO is tumbling down. Its like the bees sucking up the honey. Being a Malaysian, we all know the motto. LAST MINUTE SHOPPING. You don’t agree? Sure you did your shopping before Ramadhan but still there are things which spring up at the very last minute. Serunding laa..samping raya, songkok, butang baju melayu…needless to say more.

Raya is coming so people are changing curtains, cushions, new flower arrangements and many more. Hey, if you don’t change this round when will you change? You know the medias are potraying that we the women are the culprits. The spendthrift! Its absurd. Perhaps only 10%, the rest of 90% like us are well planned and organized. Seriously, we don’t simply go and custom made curtain on normal days. We don’t make flower arrangements on normal days either. This is time. Salah ke? Bazir? Well if you’re changing your furniture every year of coz laa over. But then again if you can afford and you’re making 50K per month. Tukar saja ler…I mean bukan boleh bawak mati pun duit tu hehehehe..i’m becoming the devil over here!

This year, I’m changing my cushion cover, mind you, it’s the throw cushions! Am going to make one nice flower arrangement as well. Went scouting around for nice cushion covers with my sis 1 week before Puasa. Went to IKEA, SSF and Living Quarters, if I wanted a nice one, I got to fork out around RM49.90 – RM79.90 per piece, so for 6 cushions, its gonna cost about em…almost RM300 above so pusing punya pusing, I went and bought the materials instead. Force my sis to learn how to sew a cushion. Will show you all the result later..perhaps after Raya. I just cant wait. Below are some inspiring throw cushions, lovely!
Courtesy Pix:
I suka semua pillows ni...specially the one at the top right corner...geram

Courtesy Pix :
Left- nampak exclusive and grand.  I love flowers but would not suit my sofa

Courtesy Pix :

Left- Dramatic.  Right - CUTE, would definitely put this in my upstairs living room

I love flowers but cant match my sofa! Geramnya...beautiful and fresh!

Frills and more frills...would love to put this in my house, but cant!  habis dikerja my kids

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