Sunday, September 5, 2010

Raya Cookies

Despite rushing for my dental appointment on Saturday and going shopping at Pavilion, I managed to bake cookies. It was pretty hectic on Saturday, after shopping at Pavilion where I got myself 2 knitted cardigans and 2 spaghetti straps at Forever 21, its on sale. Go Now! tehehehe..

Arrived home, straight away change into my daily attire and start making the dough. Its one of my favourite, Custard Crepe. It was kind of hard to make as the dough is soft so when u used any mold, it just doesn’t seem to turn into the shape that you want. I ended up using bottle cap and sprinkle some choc rice for decoration. Upon seeing my crescent shape cookie, Iman kept on asking my I didn’t do other shape such as circle, triangle and square! Perhaps he thinks its playdough! While my husband called this cookie, Biskut Tudung Botol! Anyway love the custard taste..yummy!

Few more missions to complete before Raya, on Thursday its Marble cake and Batik cake. 2 more cookies would be the makmur and biskut Mazola. Wish me luck..


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