Sunday, September 5, 2010

Raya Decor

Since early Ramadhan, I’ve plan to decorate my living hall with some colors. My living hall is basically all in neutral tone or earth colors you might wanna call it. I wanna get a nice vase which I plan to place beside my tv cabinet.

Last 3 weeks went to SSF and saw this lovely transparent purple vase, its round, plain and BIG. Its what I wanted, modern but classic. What matters most, its BIG so it will create an impact when people enters my living hall.

But it cost me a hefty RM299! Oh dear, that doesn’t include flowers yet and the flowers would cost me say about RM100, that is if I only take 4 stalks. Pergh, flowers and vase pun dah cost me RM400. No, no I need to budget. My mission after that event was to a BIG but cheaper vase. At least RM150 and below.  The flower plus the vase should not cost me more than RM300. I scout around Sunway Pyramid, Empire Building, Romantika and even went to the Curve for IDEKO and Living Quarters. They have plenty of vases but not what I wanted.

I wanted the below... and the flowers tooo

Something like this...big and round but the color and is on the right side

Hydrangea...a unique and bunchful of flowers which makes it exquisite..simply loves it..

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