Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sticker Time With Nabila

I can’t remember when I introduce stickers to Iman. He enjoyed every bit of it and I have many sticker books around. It enhances their motor skills by pulling and pasting the stickers. Its another method of learning rather than just direct reading. Nabila started yesterday, she’s 1 ½ year. Was is too late? I don’t know but im glad she can paste although pulling out the sticker was a bit tricky for her.

I feel as parents we should just let our kids venture into apa apa je laa…we should not strict them to a certain age group. I remembered when Iman started on jigsaw puzzle, I always bought simple puzzles until one day I spotted him finishing the simple puzzle in few minutes. Gradually I picked puzzles which are above his age.

Kids are like sponge, they absorb as long and as much as they can. Amazing! So don’t look down on them, they are actually better than what we think. Of course we have to give them ample opportunities to show us.

With Nabila I felt terrible as these days I didn’t make time to sit and read with her. So this week, my schedule would be “Sticker Time with Bila".  I have many range of sticker books..from ABC to machines to nursery rhyme..trust me you should get the ABC, the first words.. better still, get 'em all hehehe

how do i turn this pictur? its suppose to be vertical !

 inside the book

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