Monday, September 27, 2010

Pangkor, Teluk Dalam Resort

Sorry for the sluggish post, I wanted to blog during the raya hols but I was feeling a bit lazy and sleepy due to the amount of ketupat and lemang strolling down my throat all the way to the stomach! On 3rd day of Aidilfitri, we escape to Pangkor Island. If you had read my earlier post, I won this package trip.

Trip to Pangkor from KL took about 3 hours., Left at 10.45 and reached at 1.45pm. Using the North South Highway, take exit Bidor . Its totally a trunk road after that Follow the route till Teluk Intan, then head towards Sitiawan. Once you see the Lumut sign, you’re on the right track.

The parking bay was quite near to the terminal. About 5 minutes walking distance but with the kids make it 10-15mins walking distance! The one suppose to be sitting on the stroller wants to walk while the one suppose to walk want to sit in the stroller. Just imagine, 1 big luggage, 1 stroller with a kid, 1 backpack of floats, 1 milkie bag and 1 toddler who needs to be hold on to. It makes me..grrrrr…We miss the 1.45pm ride and the next ridee would be at 3.45pm!!

Pangkor has nice panorama view. Its definitely a peaceful island. The sea breeze ride was about 25-30 minutes. Ferry was quite big enuff and has a deck where you can go have some snaps. Then, we hopped on to a van which drives us straight to the resort.

I had requested a place nearby to the swimming pool and the lounge. Thank god for that! The resort had a pretty big area. Even before I open the luggage, the kids excitedly removed their clothing and standing stark naked at the door waiting for the splashing activities. Boy, we didn’t waste any time at all do we!

Enjoyed every bit of the moments, we were there from 4.50pm till 7.00pm. Later we had our buffet dinner. I would say ok except it would be pretty spicy for the children. By the time we got back to our chalet, we were flat and sleepy. DRAMA BEGINS at 4.00am!, without a warning I was infront of the toilet bowl vomiting for god knows how many rounds. By 7.30am, I was brought to Klinik Kesihatan Pulau Pangkor since no other clinics open at this time. As a government service clinic, they live by the protocols. With a low BP, they concluded I was pretty dehydrated and will pass out soon. My cure was the DRIP! Yup you read it correctly, they wanted me on a drip. Like a mad person, I reluctant but no no.. I was their patient and that’s the procedure. I knew there and then, there goes my vacation. At that time, I was really mad! Its like being force into something you don’t want. GERAM GERAM…

By the time I got back to the resort, the clock ticked 11.00am. My husband decided we should get back to KL incase I fell sick again at nite. Painfully I have to follow. I felt I had spoilt the whole vacation. It was the day that we were suppose to go for island hopping and snorkeling. I wanted to bring the kids to the beach. It would be Nabila’s first time. Sob Sob..

We left the island at 4.30pm right after the kids had their last swimming splurge.

I did some reading before coming to Teluk Dalam Resort and 80% had given negative views on the place such as lousy food, dirty chalet, unfriendly staff so I had myself prepared for the worst but by experience, it wasn’t that bad at all. It was pretty ok. Only that TDR is quite far from the town. About 20mins drive.

Anyhow I have to raise my hat to the residents, they have managed created an oasis of lush greenery. I must admit thou the resort was quiet and empty, it was like owning our very own vacation house so be sure to request for a chalet near to the lobby and swimming pool if you happen to visit TDR.

we stayed at room154

the chalet..nice, iman asked me why we need to stay in this small house and he was searching for the staircase in the chalet!  He thought all houses ada staircase!

monster time...

nabila taking her 1st dip

dah boleh swim nak selam pulak!

I bought for the kids end up the 'big' kid playing

Iman wanted to stay and go for a swim :-(

Telum Dalam Jetty

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