Monday, October 11, 2010


I miss wearing high heels, I love wearing ‘em. Suka sangat bila pakai heels because it makes me tall and I pun feel tall hehehe. Setakat shopping 10 hours from Midvalley then to Bukit Bintang, Lot 10 then back to KLCC takde hal laa in stilettos. I can run and jump with heels. I’m serious babe! The higher the better. Heels ni macam bagi kita confidence, jalan pun steady je.

I use to own not less than 15pairs way back then. Different clothes with different shoes, different bags with different shoes.  3 yeas back I got a slip disc. Nanti laa bila free I’m going to jot about that. So these days my shoes are limited to flats and only 3 pairssssss. Patheticnya! Masa mula2 tu susah nak accept, sedih gak but I always have to remind myself to bersyukur banyak banyak for I can still walk. Kalau ada heels pun about 1 inch heels je which I wear for not more than 3 hours otherwise my back will be crying. Ye laa kebaya cun sket pakai heelskan. Thank god I still can opt for wedges!

Anyway ni pix2 yg I came across. Luvelynyaa….huhuhu

Thanks Mr Google for all below pix!

this would be my first selection..geramnya grrr grr..

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