Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New But Ragged

This morning while driving I passed by a car which is quite new perhaps a month old., I noticed that the owner has not removed the plastic covers of all the seats. Even the labels are still stuck to the plastics. For those of you who are in the similar situation out there, PLEASE laa.. go now and removed once for all!

You know why? Because forever you will never get to enjoy new and beautiful things in life if all are wrapped up. By the time you want to remove the cover which I trust going to be few more months or even years, the plastic will be crumpled and yellowish which makes your car look fugly and begrimed! Plus your expensive little rider will look cheap! You don’t get to enjoy the comfort of your own new car! And by that time, its out of fashion.  Kawan, ENJOY life. All the things in this world are meant to be thrown or changed.

Jangan end up macam this one incident. I visited one house for raya years back, to my surprise the dinner seats were all covered with plastics, from the look of it, I knew it has been years in that way. The sad part was the dinner seat is beautiful but because it has not been uncovered for years, the velvet has smudges, the materials are no longer soft. Instead of a nice lovely chair, you have a grubby chair. Doesn’t it spoils your dining hall? So what is the use of having new items around your house? Get what I mean?

If you are one the owner of this car, GET HELP! Im dead serious.., courtesy pix from Mr Google

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