Friday, October 8, 2010

Jigsaw Puzzle

Being the first, always ‘untung’. I can see that now. When you have 1 child, you’ll have all the focus you want on him. With Iman, I teach and play with him more than I did with Nabila. Not because of he’s my favourite child, but because he was the only one THERE AND THEN. Now I have to split my time.

When Iman reached 1 year old, I bought his first wooden puzzle. Nothing fancy just 12 pieces of simple jigsaw. The jigsaw came with a nail holder which makes it easier for him to hold and place in the exact location. Gradually I increased the pieces to around 20 pieces. Beli kat Tesco je, murah. In 10 months time, he managed to complete 42 giant pieces puzzle of Thomas on his own. Lepas tu asal gi Tesco je mesti beli puzzle. Cheap puzzles costing me around RM4-RM6. From 40 piceces to 60 pieces. 60 pieces to 100 pieces and so forth.

These days I picked puzzles which are above his age. At 3 1/2yrs, he’s able to complete an 8 year old puzzle, 250 pieces in a few hours all by himself. Now he’s on the 350pieces. Completed that as well on the same day. I even tried the 500 pieces and he also managed to finish it but I sense for the 500pieces he gets bored easily. Plus he needs help to complete the puzzle. Maybe its just too small and complicated for his age. Well, I’ve tried.

I’m writing this down not because I want to boast about Iman. I’m sure some kids can do more wonders than him but this is simply my method to get my kid keen on something new perhaps you can use the same trick. “Practice Makes Perfect” is the keyword. And yes, you got to spare time with him. 

P/s: Feeling a big guilt towards Nabila, I can’t seem to find the time with her. Need to arrange for some puzzle week with her. Or do boys focus more than girls?

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