Friday, October 8, 2010

Thin and Skinny

My son is slim, fine skinny.  I agree but hello, you don't need to point it out alllllll the time.  I'm his mother and im fully aware.  Bukan aku tak bagi makan anak aku.  Sometimes i became fed up with people annotates about Iman and scrutinising his body. "Kurus kering"..bla bla...."kena tukar nama, tak sesuai, panggil je xxx".  Oh God, if his name referring to something bad, i can sligtly accept but the meaning is plain, direct and simple 'Faith'..there's more.."pi laa jumpa sapa-sapa mintak apa-apa yang patut".  How can people be so shallow? 

Urgh urgh geram.. Yes, i pun worried at times but its not as though he doesn't eat at all, he ates cuma not everyday he takes rice.  He drinks milk banyak jugak daily.  And I do give him supplement.. multivite with lysine, honey, scott emulsion, ubat cacing and even my mom goes to all trouble preparing variety of recipes for him. I have taken all the right steps.  Even went to consult his pediatrician!  Iman is underweight by 3 kg.  He has the height of a 5 year old when he was 3.5 years. About 14kg.

Me myself, most people consider i'm petite, at 153cm weighing 44.5kg, ok so my hubby is tall and perhaps slightly round well not that round say around 75kg,  so how do you expect our son to be plump and meaty?? And most of the people who does the talking have sons which wear size 75B bra. So don't compare laa..forever tak sama.  And hell i for sure and am pretty sure don't like my son to end up with any bra sizes! As long as he is healthy and active, i'm just fine with the way he is.

But today i'm quite pleased.  He's 20kg!!! Syoknyaaa :-)))))

takpe Iman, mummy always doakan Iman healthy and active.  My prayers are with you all the time.

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