Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pulau Batu Hitam, Kuantan Pahang

My sister in law had Raya open house on Saturday. At first, I wasn’t keen going to Kuantan, reason being that Monday is the first working day after a long raya leave. But I’m glad we went! Since we didn’t manage to go for mandi laut at Pangkor, we decide to search for beaches in Kuantan. Left KL 10.30am, arrive 12.30pm for Open House, finish at 3pm, 5.30pm to the beach. Cergas!

We rest our heels in Pantai Batu Hitam's sand. Its in Beserah, Kuantan. Nabila is definitely a daring and adventurous girl. She walked on the sand as if she’s used to it unlike Iman dulu, nak put his feet on the sand pun geli. Iman and Nabila had a blast in the waves. Loves seeing them. Definitely more beach outings next year onwards.

Best thing is that I saw some difference on Nabila’s neck. Her molluscum seems to shy away. That’s a good news for us.

Clean beach, fresh air, clear water and windy …ummmm so nice, not much else to ask for. Reminds me of my old days in Geelong. My house was just 1km walking distance to the beach… I miss that..the morning breeze, the scenery is breathtaking. Would love to bring my kids there one day.

Bila wants to put on 'sand shampoo' on her big bro

My father in law acting as guard looking over our stuff

my sexy girl


first time in the waves

since its a promptu act, didnt bring any floats so my eyes are rolling 180'C all the time..

Istana tak jadi

The beach was not packed, thats what i love about this place

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