Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bandung Trip Day 2 (Part 2)

After Riau, we head straight to Jalan Dago.  We took angkotan to Jalan Dago. About RP4000 for the 2 of us.  Angkotan is the cheapest mean of transport.  If you can stand the heat and the smell, hop in.  Some say they got pick-pocket or stares from the people when they took angkotan but surprisingly for us, the trip was smooth and fast!  Plus the people on board were friendly and honest.  Nasib laa kot.  Take note that angkotan only carry one way.  If Jalan Dago only Jalan Dago so having a map helps!  Print je from Internet. 

Angkotan - the green color van accomodates about 8-10 people.  From RP1000-RP4000 depending on the distance

There are more FOS over this area then in Jalan Riau. I think basically the prices also much more cheaper in Dago as compared to Riau. We went to Uptown, Jetset, Oasis, Blossom. One thing I realized in Bandung, most of the clothing are small in sizes. Seriously for the 4 days trip, I have not encountered any extravanga big size people, generally most of them are slim and fit. Bandung teens are stylish. They wore cardigans, jackets so much different from Malaysian who dressed more simpler with tees and jeans. Kita kan sempoi :-)

Jalan Dago itself have dozens of FO.  I didnt manage to complete my FO journey over this area.  Coconel Shoes No.118, Sollutions No.91, Edward Forrer, Donatello, Raffles City, Victoria, Blossom, Jetset, Grande, Episode, Level Factory Outlet, Uptown, Rich & Famous,Happening, Glamour are among the FOS that you can scout around.  Gossip is one of the latest one.   I went pass few hotels namely Karmilla, Utari and Royal Dago.  I think for my next trip, i'll choose Utari.  Looks OK from the outside.  Lagipun its near to Kartika Sari and there's many restaurant  nearby.

Weather kat Bandung pun not bad. Just nice for you to walkabout. So in the end you don’t get tired easily. Perhaps around 24C degrees. Off late however, there’s lot of rainy days so be prepared. When raining, there’s always kids around who rented out umbrella for you at a mere RP1000. Slightly far they charge you RP2000 indirectly making 'continuous shopping' more easier.

Lotsa people selling souvenirs; keychains, fridge magnets, tees.  I bought 6 keychains for RP25000, they also have 10 for RP20000.

Finally we end up in Donatello which I bought 6 shoes for about RP692,000 comes about RM41 each! Too bad the sizes were not available otherwise I would add another 4 more to the collection. The flats are comfy and cheap! Plus some are made of leathers.  Kat KL kalau nak beli flats, if cheap and nice design, pigskin pulak.  But the stilettos, ankle straps, dress shoes a NO NO, they looked ‘cikai’ sket macam style area2 Jalan TAR if you know what I mean. Baik you spend your cash for Vincci shoes.  Nanti i post the shoes.

Unable to hold more stuff, we decide to end our shopping journey. Dinner was at Ayam Goreng Suharti, Jl. Cipaganti no. 158. A famous restaurant in Bandung. Yang tak tahan tu ayam dia siap digoreng dengan kepala! So I covered the chicken head with the crumbs of the chicken itself . I cant stand eating something with the head still intact to the body except fishes itu pun tengok jenis ikan. In Bandung, the chicken is as slim as the people! You are what you eat! Semua ayam kampong, basically they’re eating healthy food. They’re always salad around with your dishes. Fresh tomatoes, cucumber and long beans are a must.  Dinner was about RP92,500.

Ayam Suharti is just a brisk walk away from Sany Rosa Hotel.  Before landing at Sany Rosa, we had ice cream at MacD.  Too bad they didnt have Oreo MacFlurry. I think the price is slightly cheaper than Malaysia.

collection of my day2 shopping spree!

Sayonara Day 2.


  1. Sangat seronok liputan yg puan tulis.Saya kali pertama nak g bandung pada 18 oct to 22 oct ni. 4 mlm.SanyRosa hotel rasa baik utk saya n isteri.ok tq. saya ada hal nak tanya,bolih tak suami puan call saya 0199844382.hj. azizam

  2. Salam Haji, suami saya selalu busy. Ada apa2 pertanyaan boleh email saya di


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