Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bandung Trip - Day 3 (Part 1)

It was raining that day.  Initial plan was plan for Pasar Baru, Jalan Cimpelas, Jalan Braga and dinner at Paris Van Java.  We would be shopping for our families today.  But both of us was pretty lazy.  We went down for a late breakfast.  Somehow it was quite a slow pace for us knowing we have to cover few places that day. 

Then the 'unexpected' came.  Hubby got a call regarding his sister.  An accident had occured.  She's in pretty bad shape.  Next few minutes, more tragic news came in.  She was in a coma.  We were shaken up.  I remembered well. My whole body quivered, my knees trembled and sweats started line up.  A gloomy and sombre day indeed.  I'll post about her later.  Whole plan cancelled but we went out because staying in the hotel and waiting for news isn't helping.  Was not easy to get plane back home either.  Hence i finished up my time by taking Sany Rosa pix.

 Wait for my Part2

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