Friday, December 3, 2010

Embbarassing Moments

Do you realize that an embarrassing /awkward moment for us can actually be a funny/stress release for others and a big saver for us? When we fall down the stairs or accidentally step into a hole, we feel hurt. Physically and also emotionally hurt if people are looking at us. In actual, when we are caught into that situation, I agree some people laugh but in the end they’ll feel sorry for us. They will forget about that moment whereas our memories lingers for days. Sometimes, it even got tucked somewhere under those brain cells causing us to feel shame, chagrin or even vexation and it takes years for us to dismiss from our hard disk memory.

I was in a training session where I noticed the trainer did not zip his pant properly. Felt uneasy and funny. Uneasy because I tend to look, well you can’t blame me, his shirt came out from the hole. So looking at it for time to time, makes me feel funny and wanted to laugh. But after a while, I felt sorry for the guy. I wanted to let him know by giving signs but of course that would cause him embarrassment since its coming from a female. It will ruin his training concentration. After the session ends, I wanted to approach and tell him. But again I feel he will be abased so in the end I decide to leave the matter alone. He’ll soon find out by himself or from someone else.

I decide that because months back, I was in the same situation, I was wearing a transparent black kebaya. I totally forgot to zip my kain so part of my sexy legs and undies were exposed!!!. Lucky me, it was on the sidewaist. I only realized when I got back home. Malu giler!!!. Just imagine 9-5.30pm, some could have seen and make a big joke about it or even worst snap a pix and circulate in email. BUT because no one informed me, the % rate of shamefulness does not reach the peak and by the next day, I forgot about it. On the contrary, if someone would have walk up to me and tell me, they’ve seen the exposure. I cant imagine how my next day would be!
I was in a mall with my boyfriend. Ehem it was in the early 90’s. We’re at the cash counter. Was about to make a move when my was then boyfriend turned and walked back to the counter girl and told her “Esok, you pergi beli deodarant, badan you berbau!”. I was dumbfounded. I found it rude and unacceptable. Poor girl, she was so embarrassed. My boyfriend gave me one look and all he said was “Well, years later she will thank me”. I think so too.

We’re about to order our meal at Kenny Rogers. The waitress came by and I ordered, “Half quarter, black pepper. I don’t want breast!”. I never like isi ayam so I make it clearly to the waitress otherwise I don’t eat ‘em. My sweet friend on the other hand loves breast so she goes and make the order. “I want the same, but I nak BUAH DADA!” Hahahhahahahahaha…it was so spontaneous and all of us around the table laughed as loud as I can remember. She wanted to say DADA but somehow it just come right out of her mouth. Perhaps her brain still captures what I said and directly translating it. We definitely had a blast laughs that very day. All thanks to that sweet friend of ours.

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