Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bandung Trip - Day 4 (Ending Part)

Ok promise they shall be no more part 1,2 or 3 for Day 4. Its D final day. Flight was around 3pm so we had to be there at 1pm. Where else to go? We decided to go back to Rumah Mode since its a 5mins walking distance. My last breakfast at Sany Rosa Hotel, i tried their porridge. Macam chinese style porridge. Ada cakoi + vege soup, a mix of carrot, brocolli, cauliflower, friend onion + chicken strips.  Yummy!

I think Rumah Mode will always be at the top of my Bandung Shopping list. The ambience, the scenery, the cosiness, the food, the clothing. They work like magic spells on me. I can spend hours in here. Pisang Moleh kat Rumah Mode superb.

this side, they're selling handbags and shoes

courtesy pix from mr google

jejaka idaman aku

entrance of Rumah Mode

sign snapshot - clinic

sign snapshot - trying to figure the meaning

The same batagor which we had in Secret but yang ni tak berani cuba hehehe

familiar scene in bandung

Sany Rosa Hotel
Bye Bandung. We'll come again.
Tips:  Book MAS low fare, way much better than Air Asia, extra baggage 20Kg and food served!


  1. thanks for visiting us at Islamic Craft~~

    the pillow boleh tempah anytime~ iAllah

    same pattern in diff colours; blue, yellow, green, red or black. ikea's fabric~

  2. such a nice blog, keep it up dear.. and it reminds me to BDO again, shopping :)


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