Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion Style, Whats in Trend?

I like fashion and styles.  Opps let me rephrase. I love fashion and styles, rephrase my aroha towards fashion and styles are endless.  These days however i have become less and less fashionita.  Uncertain whether its because i have a become a mother or because i'm plain lazy to chase the movement of the styles or i just could care anymore.  Somehow when i stepped into my sis's blog, it made me realized that currently i have no idea what is the current fashion hijack! How outdated! So as usual i started blog skipping and i managed to grabbed some location for me to track, its under my FASHION GURU list, help yourself ladies.  Oh men too.

These are some of the fashionita around the google globe, lets see whats in store!

A: Ok, i can wear this, simple
B: Nope, not this one. Too many overlaps
C: Decent and in trend, i'll wear
D: Nope, i feel like going to bed wearing this, cool for some but not me
E: Definitely me for working attire, plain Old Jane, boring huh?
F: I would wear this, but have to let go the socks
G: Nope, i will look messy in this outfit
H: Love to wear something like this but since i'm short, correct not so tall, it would not look right *sigh*

I: Its back to the 80's, can't accept it at the moment
J: Nope definitely not me, looks horror to me
K: Nah..not me either

L: Too trendy for me to follow
M: Whats with the bra? Superman vs Superwoman?  Without the bra, way much classy
O: Yup this is me.  Too bad im no longer the stilettoes girl

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