Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moments With My Kiddos

Its kindda like a routine for the 3 of us.  Right after my Maghrib prayer i would spend about 30mins with my kiddos.  Sometimes we end up doing silly things together and most of the times we have bed wrestling time, hide and seek, singing, tickling time, combat and war zone time, little helper and many more that they could think of.  Today we end up dancing coz Iman tune to Hits FM and somehow the retro beat and disco dance is playing.  It was hillarious until i saw Iman doing this shuffle and legs up dance..i was like Haaaa..aaaa Whatttttt...where did he learn that from...I'm sure we didnt roll much of MTV for him..  Now where did he get that from and yang best he said "Mummy, come on do this.  Thats old style mummy!".  I asked him "Sapa teach Iman?".  Iman --> "Who else my teacher, i got a teacher remember"... Aik...i send him for Science Project when did it end up as "Who Wanna Dance Project!"

Nabila who joined us for a mere 10minutes, ends up with her climbing activity. I guess its harmless so i just let it be and watch her.  I'm just wondering whats so interesting about climbing the playpen and dropping yourself onto the matress and doing it over and over again.  I stop counting after the 7times.  Amazing how kids see things in their world.

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